Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters

Elofic manufactures IATF 16949: 2016 quality certified fuel filters for its customers encompassing OEM suppliers and business enterprises from varied industry verticals. These petrol and diesel fuel filters are utilized to impede dust and corrosion in the fuel and safeguard a smooth running internal combustion engine.

The usage of an inappropriate fuel filter can lead to additional hassles of recurrent servicing of the engine, poor acceleration or breakdown, damage to the fuel injection system and an overall reduced engine performance. Elofic, with the help of its advanced research and development team engineers premium quality petrol and diesel fuel filters to maintain a clean fuel and prevent damage to the sensitive components.

The fuel filters offered by Elofic comes in a variety of designs and sizes and the user can choose the products as per their requirement and utility. For the petrol-driven vehicles and equipment, Elofic offers the following fuel filters

Elofic Fuel Filters for Petrol are available as:

  • Plastic in line

    Plastic in line Inline fuel filters in a opaque plastic case used for petrol vehicles.

  • Metallic in line

    Metallic in line Inline fuel filters in a metal case. It is used to clean the contaminants from gasoline vehicles.

  • In tank

    In tank It is composed of plastic and mesh and it is used for inside tank filtration. It showcases a sturdy design

Fuel Filters for Diesel

Elofic Fuel Filters for Diesel are available as:

  • Metal Free

    Metal Free An environment-friendly product to provide maximum operational safety of injection-system components. It is a cartridge type filter with plastic sub-components.

  • Water Separators

    Water Separators Compact-sized diesel fuel filters that ensure optimum level of separation of water and contaminants from the diesel engines to prevent the corrosion of the engine components.

  • Coil Type

    CAV Type It also prevents the flow of water and solid contaminants in the diesel engines. It is a depth filter and fuel is filtered through the surface of media.

  • Coil Type Diesel

    Coil Type Diesel Inline coil filters with international quality standards that offer an excellent performance to clean the fuel.

  • Coarse & Fine Diesel

    Coarse & Fine Diesel Coarse filter is a pre fuel filter that prevents coarse dirt particles before entering into fine filtration.

  • Pre/Main Filter, with Priming Pump

    Pre/Main Filter, with Priming Pump It is integrated hand primer pump along with pre & fine filters allow for easy fuel filtration.

Elofic offers the most extensive range of fuel filters to increase the efficiency and durability of the engine. The application of the fuel filters is extended, but not limited to heavy commercial vehicles, Light commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, tractors and other stationary equipment.

Realize the True Potential of your Engine with Elofic Fuel Filters

While streamlining the cause of contaminant removal from the fuels in the engine during the combustion process, Fuel filters also helps to increase the engine efficiency, lower the operation cost and accentuate its lifespan. There are multitudes of benefits of using Elofic fuel filters, as mentioned below:

  • Multi-layered media to remove smallest particles/ debris
  • Compact design and modular structure
  • Environment-friendly and service friendly
  • Integrates perfectly into the fuel line
  • Cost effective and augment the engine’s performance
  • Ensures optimum fuel temperature
  • Clean Fuel Injectors
  • Providing excellent protection to the engine as fuel-water separators

Aced in manufacturing high-quality OEM

Elofic upholds decades of experience in manufacturing fuel filters, which has been widely acclaimed in Indian and global markets. The quality assurance and timely delivery are the topmost parameters concentrated upon by the brand. Elofic uses a cutting-edge manufacturing technology to provide optimum quality usage to its wide diversity of customers. We, at Elofic, strive to achieve the goal of delivering superlative filtration products to our valued industrial enterprises and OEM clients.